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D-Link IP mrežna kamera DCS-8000LHV2/E

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*Internal antenna *Two-way communication, low power will feedback to panel (G3, G5) *Tamper protection *With NC output *Power supply: AA 1.5V LR6 battery x 1 *Transmit distance: ?80m (open area)

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D-Link IP HD kamera za video nadzor, DCS-6100LH/E, IR night vision do 5m, širokokutna kamera, WPA 3, full HD 1080p r ezolucija, mydlink app,detekcija pokreta i zvule assistant & Alexa,ka, ugrađen mikrofon,one way audio

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*Internal antenna *Detection coverage: 8m/15° *Temperature auto-compensation, avoiding false alarm *Tamper protection *Transmit distance: ?80m (in open area)

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PanzerGlass Standard Privacy Apple iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max Transparent

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*Cellular communicator, simple operation *Support 50 wireless sensors *Store 5 alarm phone numbers and 1 speed dial number *Voice memo recordable *Arm and disarm by SMS or free phone call *Two-way talk *Built-in siren and lithium battery backup *SMS ale

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Cellular communicator, simple operation Support 50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID cards, Support 10 remote controls Store 5 alarm phone number Store 1 speed dial number Support door lock Voice memo recordable Arm and disarm by SMS or free phone call Two-way

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