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*One-Touch WiFi Setup for Quick Connection *720p HD Video Anywhere, Anytime *Real-Time, Two-Way Communication *Super Wide Angle at 5 MP *Backup up to 32 GB *One-Touch to Share Unforgettable Moments

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*Work with CG-G5 for disarming and unlocking connected electronic door lock. *Frequency:125KHz

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*Powered by solar panels, no main power needed *Comp. with all Chuango alarm panels and sensors *Weatherproof and stylish design *Built-in 18650 3.7V/1200mAh lithum battery enable 30-day standby *Fully tamper protection *Piercing 110dB siren with sel

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*Large button design *Built-in antenna *Transmit distance: ?80m(open area)

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*Compatible with E5 GPRS or WiFi socket *10A relay output *Compatibile for EU/ US/ UK/ AU plugs *Frequency: 868MHz two-way

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*Designed to switch electrical equipment remotely *Controlled by Apps via GPRS network *Switch electrical equipment on/off as scheduled *Expandable for 15 slave devices *13A relay output for main device *Compatibile for EU/ US/ UK/ AU plugs *GSM frequency

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*Could work with any CHUANGO remote control and sensors to increase the distance *Transmit distance: ?300m (open area) *Power supply: AC 110-240V

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